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If My Body Could Talk It Would Say…

Hey sis, it’s your body here. Yeah that thing you always talk so negatively about. You know what I’m referring to, all the hours of your day spent hating what I look like. You nit pick every inch of me, compare me to other bodys you see. You spend all of your free time and every minute in between wishing I were something else.







Can you take a second to hush that white noise in your brain. Silence the negativity. Turn it off. And open your eyes. Really look at me. Please go stand in front of your mirror right now and take me all in. Look at me with fresh eyes and a softer perspective.

I have carried you through 25 years of life. Great days and terrible moments. You wouldn’t even be experiencing any of it without me. Those laugh lines forming are indicators of joy. Those wrinkles on your forehead show the worries and struggles we have overcome.

These arms that are floppier than they used to be craddle your most precious gifts.

All of those stretch marks and all the extra squish that you hate so much is a direct result of the AMAZING things I have done. I, your body, have twice created, carried and birthed two beautiful little humans.

These thighs and hips that no longer fit in your favorite pants set off a passionate fire within your husband.

Please stop and think about that magic the next time you start hating the way I look. I am a warrior.

I could use some care, it’s true. But I’m not as terrible and atrocious to look at as you let yourself believe.

Be kind to me. Give me some grace. Share some love my way. We’re in this together so stop treating me like the enemy.

Love you forever,

Your body.

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