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The time is upon us, my friends. The Holiday season is beginning. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Chelsea, it’s only November 1st.” I realize this, and I also know that many of you are probably already starting to think of what gifts you are going to buy. I have found that the best way to avoid a huge chunk of stress during this time is to start your shopping early.

This list is going to be specifically for women, and these are all items that I feel are affordable for almost any budget. Coming from someone who is on a very strict budget you can trust that I know a little about what’s “affordable” and what’s not.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in. 😊

Affordable holiday gift guide _ for her

Loopy Cases

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Click here to go to their website.

I have been seeing a rise in popularity of these phone cases, and I can understand why. The design is great for larger phones that can be difficult to hang on to. Instead of wrapping your hand around the entire phone, or Pop Socket, you can easily slide a finger or two into the loop. The price for these cases is very reasonable as well!

Cozy Throws from Target

target throw
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Click here for this Sweater Knit Blanket

Guys, I have a confession to make. I am a blanket junkie! There’s nothing better on a chilly morning that cuddling up on the couch under a soft blanket. As it turns out Target is the place to go if you are looking for some AMAZING blankets and throws! They are super soft, cute, and affordable! Who wouldn’t love receiving one of these as a gift?!

Antique Candle Works

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Click here to discover some AMAZING scents

What woman doesn’t love an amazing candle?

Oh So Lovely

Photo credit: Liz Taylor, Ohsolovelybowtique

Click here to discover some wonderful handmade jewlery

This is a local brand to me; these pieces are made in the town over from where I live. There’s nothing I love more than supporting local/small business. Especially those run by moms busting their hineys to make a wonderful life for their children! Liz makes wonderfully cute handmade pieces! You need to go check out her work!

Bath and Body Works

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Click here to go to the website

I doubt I really need to go into any explanation here. 😉


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Shop these slippers here

It’s winter. It’s chilly. No one enjoys cold toes. I may be speaking for myself, but I LOVE soft cozy slippers. There are so many different options when it comes to buying slippers. You could easily buy every woman in your family a different pair and call it a day. Look at you getting all your Christmas shopping done at once, now you have time for wine. 😉

Cozy Sherpa

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Click here for this Sherpa pullover

OMG. Guys. My mother-in-law just bought me a Sherpa pullover, and I can’t get enough of it! I almost look forward to getting up in the mornings just to put this on, note the word almost. Do the women in your life a favor and get them one, they are sure to love it!

Cute Coffee Mugs

Photo credit: Sweet Mind Handmade Goods

Click here to shop these adorable mugs!

I am new to the world of coffee addiction, and with that comes the addiction to adorable coffee mugs! I think these would make awesome gifts for such a great price!


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Shop these cozy sets here

I’m clearly a cozy girl at heart. If someone bought me cozy jammies for Christmas my day would be made.

Bath Bombs

Screenshot_2018-10-22 Bath Bombs
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Click here for some of the most luxurious bath bombs

Stop what you’re doing and try to think of one woman who wouldn’t love receiving some yummy smelling bath bombs. Go on, I’ll wait. Oh, you couldn’t think of anyone? Shocking! 😉

There you have it, folks. My first ever gift guide. This one is obviously specific for women, but, I do plan to make a few more! I hope this list was helpful! Do you start your shopping this early? Let me know how you felt about this list, and as always, thank you so much for reading!!


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